Update on site progress

Alright, I’m working on the site some more, and I got image uploads to work! They didn’t before, but hey, no worries! The basic setup is an ubuntu VPS with apache, mySQL, and wordpress installed!

Things still to do that I should be held accountable for:

  • Set up encryption
  • Move the site from new.razzy.org to www.razzy.org (I didn’t want you to find it by accident and be spoiled c: )
  • Give you the password so you can post things and make the theme/colors prettier

Brand New Website!

Hey bee, Happy Valentine’s Day! I set up a much more manageable website, where I’m able to give you the password to control it and make it all pretty! It was a pain to set up because I didn’t know how any of this stuff worked, but I’m learning…

It should be easy to keep going once it’s all set up like this! Anyways, this will make it way easier to update, so we can put more stuff on it, I’m really excited!

I love you most of all, Jazzy, and you better know it! <3

P.S. (I hope you liked your other Valentine’s Day gifts)

Hello to Jazzy!

Written on original site, August 29th, 2016.

Hey boo, I finished setting up your present, a.k.a. this website! I really want to keep adding to it and improve it together, I still have a bunch of things that I’d like to do, and I really like having our own little section of the internet that we can add things to and build! I want to keep it for a long, long time and have a big collection of things that we’ve done together and projects for each other and it’ll be all big and sweet… There’s a lot of work I still want to do, and I can’t wait to keep working on it with you! Feel free to look around, I put links to things up top and I always want to add more… I hope you like it, baby, I’m excited about it! I love you so so much, Jazzy, happy anniversary! :-* <3